40 Questions about Creation and Evolution Book Cover 40 Questions about Creation and Evolution
Kenneth Keathley, Mark Rooker,
Kregel Academic & Professional
October 10, 2014

This is my second encounter with the 40 Questions and Answers series.  I look forward to adding the others to my library.

I come to this book as a young-earth creationist.  I was intrigued at the opportunity to review this book and examine the arguments presented by its authors.  This book is divided into six parts. Part one deals with the Doctrine of Creation. Part two deals with Creation and Genesis 1-2. Part three deals with the Days of Creation.  Part four covers the Age of the Earth. Part five deals with the Fall and the Flood. finally, part six covers Evolution and Intelligent Design.  While each of the parts are very well written and provides discussion of all points of the argument, I enjoyed  parts three and four the most.

As stated above, part three deals with the days of creation.  Each of the six chapters deals with a different theory regarding creation.  From the Gap Theory to the Twenty-Four hour theory and everything in between, Keathley and Rooker examine the arguments for and against each.  The other section I most enjoyed was part four dealing with the Age of the Earth.  The chapters on the evidences for a young universe and evidences for an old universe have caused me to think through some issues.

Other chapters that are equally compelling are the chapters discussing if Adam and Eve were historical persons and "Was there animal death before the fall?"  I did not come away with a different viewpoint but was further strengthened in my belief that one's understanding of a historical Adam affects other biblical doctrines.

As with the other works of this series that I had read, Keathley and Rooker, along with Merkle (series editor) provide a very through discussion of the topic at hand, approaching from various angles in order that the reader can gain a better understanding and formulate their own opinion.

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