Awakening Faith

Awakening Faith

Awakening Faith


Format: Hardcover

Page Count:  400

Publisher:  Zondervan

Publication Date:  October 2013

Language:  English

ISBN-13:  978-0310514879

ISBN-10:  0310514878

List Price:  $24.99

Many of the daily devotional books available all fall in to the same pattern of short, pithy sayings most of which have little to no theological depth.  Awakening Faith: Daily Devotions from the Early Church offers a refreshing change.

Drawn from the writings of a variety of the key teachers and leaders of Christianity in the first eight centuries, Awakening Faith offers 366 short readings from Genesis to Revelation.  Each daily reading begins with a passage of Scripture and then a short reflection on the passage from a church father’s writings.  Additionally, at the end of the book is a list of all the church fathers represented and a short biography.  I found this particularly interesting in that it provided insight into some of the church fathers with whom I was not familiar.

While this book should not be a substitute to one’s daily Bible reading, it will introduce many readers into the thoughts of those who came before us.  Read with discernment.  The early church fathers represent a wide variety of theological views.  Take this book and use it as a tool to find those whose writings you want to investigate further.

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