History, Law and Christianity Book Cover History, Law and Christianity
John Warwick Montgomery
Nrp Books
April 28, 2015


Like a lawyer, weaving the evidence to build his case, John Warwick Montgomery carefully presents a defense of Christianity.  Again, as an attorney, as he presents his evidence, he subsequently refutes the arguments against.

This book is constructed with four basic parts. Part One shows four critical errors made by those who oppose the historicity of the New Testament. Part Two details and defends the accuracy of the New Testament documents, using standard tests commonly applied to the understanding of the historicity of ancient documents. Part Three is a carefully constructed defense of the hypostatic union, or the divine and human natures of Christ. Part Four builds on a foundation laid out for us by C.S. Lewis, in investigating the claims of Jesus to be the Son of God. In this last section Warwick shows the only alternatives to Christ claiming he was the Son of God are that he was either a lunatic or a liar.

Overall this is a very well written work.  It is firmly based in Scripture.  While this is a very short book, it would be a wonderful for a small group study.  I highly recommend it for anyone interested in apologetics.

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