Give Todd The Gift of Life

My Story

My name is Joseph Todd Randolph and I NEED A KIDNEY. My Facebook community page is I was diagnosed with focal segmental glomulosclerosis (FSGS) in April 2006. At that time, it was determined that my disease was idiopathic (no known cause). My disease has caused my kidneys to slowly shut down and in December 2013 I went into full kidney failure and immediately started dialysis. I am currently on hemodialysis receiving treatment 3 days per week for 4 hours per treatment.

I am on the waiting list at five transplant centers (Univ. of TN, Univ. of KY, Wake Forest, Duke, Charleston Area Medical Center) to maximize my opportunities for a kidney. I have been on the waitlist for a kidney for over 4 years.

When I was diagnosed with kidney disease I was serving as a special agent for the state department of revenue. Shortly after my diagnoses I had to resign from my position due to the physical exertion being more than my body could handle. I was able to find employment with a federal agency in the Inspector General’s office as an auditor where I served until going into kidney failure. I also served as a Sunday school teacher in my local church and pulpit supply pastor for area churches as needed. Once I went into kidney failure I was forced to give up my job and focus on maintaining my health. I could no longer pastor and teach because I no longer had the stamina to serve.

Since my kidney failure, my wife is now the primary provider for our family. Additionally, my wife and daughters have had to shoulder the load of all the household tasks. I am no longer able to do many daily activities that I once enjoyed – cook, mow the lawn, etc. My mind is willing but my body no longer cooperates. The fact that I can no longer support my family causes me to sometimes question my value as a husband and father.

I envision that after my transplant, I will be able to return to serving the church as a pastor. I am not sure if I will ever be able to serve on mission trips but I will encourage and empower others to do so.

While I do not know if it is God’s will for me to receive a transplant, it is my prayer that he will use me and this disease to bring glory to Him. I know He has a plan and it is perfect.

I am an O+ blood type which means I can receive a kidney from anyone with an O+ or O- blood type. It is IMPORTANT to note: IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TESTED AS A POSSIBLE LIVING KIDNEY MATCH BUT ARE NOT AN O BLOOD TYPE, YOU CAN STILL HELP! All 4 of my transplant centers participle in the PAIRED EXCHANGE PROGRAM. If you are willing to be a donor for someone else who has a donor that is a match for me, both of us would receive a life-saving transplant.

If you would like to help, please contact one of the transplant centers listed below and tell them you would like to be tested for Joseph Todd Randolph:

  • University of Tennessee 865-305-5340
  • University of Kentucky 859-218-2937
  • Wake Forest 336-713-5675
  • Duke University 919-613-7777
  • Charleston Area Medical Center 304-388-7823