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I serve as a pulpit supply pastor for churches in need of my services. Here are some sample sermons.

Book Reviews

I have a working relationship with several publishers to review their books prior to release. Click here to see my reviews.


I provide a variety of consulting services for churches. Click here to see a discription of the services offered.


I am currently on dialysis and looking for a live donor. Click here to read my story and see how you can help.

Name Calling

  Names What do they mean to you and to others? What comes to mind when you hear the names "Apple", "Samsung", "Ford", "Chrysler", "IBM", "Disney", "Wal-Mart"? Every business strives to make their name be the first one that comes to mind when a customer is looking for...

Christ-Centered Hermeneutics

In a recent series of posts on his website, "The Exchange", Ed Stetzer has begun a discussion of Christ-centered hermeneutics. (Part 1, part 2) In this series of posts, Stetzer will discuss Christ-centered preaching through the engagement of several leading...

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