Starting at the Finish Line Book Cover Starting at the Finish Line
John B. Wallace
Pomona House Publishing, LLC
January 29, 2014


John Wallace has presented a wonderful book that focuses on the main stumbling blocks for Mormons in understanding evangelical Christianity.

First, since the primary intended audience for this work is current Mormons, Wallace lays out his credentials for writing this book. In a manner reminiscent of Paul’s credentials in Philippian 3:3-5, Wallace states he was a missionary, graduated from Brigham Young University, sealed in the temple, tithe-paying, garment wearing Mormon.   This book is not anti-Mormon.  Rather is a defense of the Gospel, written in a way that points out the differences in Mormon belief and the Doctrine of Grace.

In twenty-one chapters divided into 6 sections, Wallace walks through a variety of Christian doctrines that stands in stark contrast to Mormon belief.

Section 2 “A Defense of the Bible” is the three chapters upon which the entirety of the books hinges.  The eighth Article of Faith of Mormonism states, in part, “We believe the Bible to be the Word of God, as far as it is translated correctly…”  These three chapters focus on the Doctrine of the Bible, not only looking at the New Testament but also looking at the prophecy/foreshadowing in the Old Testament.

The remaining sections deal with the Doctrine of Grace from a variety of angles.  Section four has three chapters dealing with “Who is Jesus”, “The Cross”, and “The Sufficiency of the Blood.”   The remaining chapters deal with the sufficiency of Christ’s finished work on the cross as a penal substitute for our sins.

If I had to select on book to share with my Mormon friends, this would be it.  Wallace has written a very easy to understand book that should be seen as a fantastic resource.

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